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Welcome to the 1st of my blog interviews with writers, bloggers, autobiographers, artists and more (anything to do with City basically). Today’s is with author, writer and a radio journalist David Mooney. David is the author of “Looks like Scunny Next season” where he tracked down every member of the Wembley 99 team – and the manager Joe Royle – to get their memories of that historic day and to find out how their careers went after that game. If you like what you read, please check him out.
Dave got to ride on the open top bus parade after the 2014 Premier League win!

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Quick fire questions

1) First game – I’ve told so many lies about this I’m no 100% sure. I think it was a 1-0 defeat to Leicester in 1995 when Mark Robins scored the winner.

2) Favourite game – Probably the 4-3 comeback against Spurs… Well favourite second half, I guess!

3) Who is you City idol? – Always and forever Nicky Weaver. I play in goals and he was the goalkeeper I grew up with.

4) City book currently reading/last read – I’ve been reading Howard Hockin’s 2013-14 season review, very entertaining.

5) Favourite City book (other than your own) – I think it’d have to be Gary James’s Manchester the Greatest City – my copy’s been signed by a few of the players in it.

6) Most prized City related gift – I was given a signed, frame Paul Dickov picture from Gillingham 99 for my 21st and one of Nicky Weaver too.

7) Favourite City blog (other than your own) – notable mentions to both Howard Hockin’s and to Simon Curtis’s Down the Kippax Steps.

1) Why a City fan?

I was born into a family that were (at the very least) passive City fans and one of my best friends at school was a Blue too. Then we won tickets at a school fair and City started giving free tickets to our school for games at Maine Road and before I knew where I was I was a season ticket holder – that started in 1997-98.

2) How did you get your break in radio?

Like most people who get asked how they ended up doing what they’re doing, it was kinda by accident and kinda good fortune. I went to university doing a journalism degree, expecting to be working for a newspaper when I finished.

But we did a radio module in the first year and I fell in love with the medium, so when the time came to choose what to specialise in, I went for that. It was through access to the uni’s radio studio I started the Blue Moon Podcast, then we were picked up by Imagine FM and I started doing some work for the newsdesk off the back of that.

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3) When, why and how did you start writing about City?

I started submitting articles to King of the Kippax in about 2006 and then I started match reports while I was at uni for my blog in 2008. It was only through interest in City that I started to do anything about it, but I was starting to get hits and when we won the league in 2012 I had enough opinion columns throughout the season and match reports to produce my first book, Typical City.

It was after my second book (an analysis of Mancini’s time at City), The Man Who Restored Pride, that I was picked up by ESPN to be one of their regular columnists.

4) What City things have you done because of your writing/radio work that you wouldn’t have done otherwise?

There’s been a few things – for instance, I was asked onto one of the very first Legends Tours as they were trying it out and working out what needed to be in the day – but the biggest opportunity I had was to be on the staff bus for the victory parade in 2014.

City emailed out of the blue to ask if I’d be interested and I was never going to say no! There was me, Howard Hockin, Danny Pugsley and Adam Carter (@StatCity) and it was one of the best and most surreal evenings of my life!

5) You interviewed all the players from Wembley 99 for your book. Which was your favourite interview? Why?

That’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite son! (Unless you’re asking my mother, in which case she’ll say me!) I have a few that I really enjoyed – for instance, Nicky Weaver was a brilliant host and was delightfully talkative – and very open about his injury problems – and was obviously one of my childhood heroes.

Kevin Horlock was very funny and we chatted for a long time after the interview about all sorts of football stuff. And Gerard Wiekens was brilliantly accommodating. I flew out to see him in the Netherlands and he met me at the hotel to do the interview, before giving me a tour of the local area and taking me back to his house to see his medals and meet his family.

Looks Like Scunny Next season

Check it out!

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You can find out more about David Mooney by going to davemooney.co.uk

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