10 Facebook Groups Every Man City Fan Should Join

10 Facebook Groups to help Manchester City fans; from buying and selling tickets to finding matchday streams for all Manchester City games. There's also ways to buy and sell to match worn shirts and programmes collectors groups - a complete resource for Man City fans.

10 Facebook Groups Every Man City Fan Should Join

These 10 Facebook Groups will help you support the mighty Blues. From MCFC tickets to matchday streams and retro City shirts there’s a group for everything.

Untitled.designHere’s 10 Facebook Groups Every Man City Fan Should Join


Are you a member of a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups are a great way of joining with other Blues who may not be your friend on Facebook, lets face it the MCFC facebook page has over 20 million likes so you won’t know every Blue!

There are lots of Facebook Groups for Manchester City fans to join, but this article will steer clear of the groups based on football discussion and focus on groups that can help you support City.

Are you searching for a match worn City shirt, or do you need a ticket?

How about help setting up a Kobi stream for todays match?

These are the types of things these 10 Facebook Groups will help you with.

At the bottom of the page I also mention some of my favourite groups for general City talk.

10 Facebook Groups Every Man City Fan Should Join


Man City Tickets buy, sell or exchange

  1. Man City Tickets Buy, Sell, Exchange Face Value or Less Only!

Geared towards: Fans who need tickets

No. of members: 12,465

Request to join here: www.facebook.com/groups/MCFCTickets

The biggest group I’m going to talk about today and over 12,000 Blues are members.

Set up by Blue Daz Clarke the group is a ticket exchange for those who can’t make it to the games to sell their spare tickets.

Buying tickets from other people rather than the club is risky and some fans disagree with the concept but for many this (and other) social media ticket exchanges are a good way of getting tickets you need.

The group is strict on selling tickets at Face Value or less and those trying to sell tickets above price are kicked out, as are people who sell tickets but then don’t show up. Like I say it is a risk buying from these groups so try to check the persons background before you buy from them and follow the groups rules.

Daz also runs raffles in the group – last summer they raffled two season tickets and this year raffled Wembley tickets (you’ve got to be in it to win it!)


Mancitygifts Ladies Group

2. ManCityGifts Ladies Only

Geared towards: Ladies Only who want to improve the offering at the City Store, get special discounts and enter special competitions

No. of members: 170 (only started a week ago!!!)

Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/972040699541617/

Ok I admit it’s a little cheeky to put the sites own group in the list but I generally feel it should be in!

The group is for women only (with one obvious exception). In the group we discuss products for female Manchester City fans, both on ManCitygifts.com and from the City Store. There are competitions, special discounts on women’s wear as well as looking back at our City lives.

Hopefully as the group grows I’ll be able to give the group’s feedback to the City Store and we’ll see an improved range of products and sizes for the female City fan. All welcome so please join in at https://www.facebook.com/groups/972040699541617/



3. BlueStreams – MCFC

Geared towards: Fans needing matchday streams, help with setting up Kodi

No. of members: 1,913

Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mcfcontv/

The Blueroom team run a series of Manchester City groups (there’s another one at number 7) and this is one of the ones I use on a matchday to look for links to streams to watch City matches. They post a series of links on matchdays as well as recommending the best streams they’ve found.

I’m not clued up on Kodi – but as I gather this is a piece of software that gives high quality feeds on android. If you’re looking to use kodi the group is full of experts who can assist you in the set-up.

Well worth a look and can save a lot of frustration searching the web for streams!


Manchester City Match Programmes

4. Manchester City Match Programmes

Geared towards: Programme collectors, sellers or those wanting a bit of nostalgia

No. of members: 1012

Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653960338212329/?fref=nf

Run by avid collector Mark McCarthy (who started collecting when his cousin, former Blue Mick McCarthy, used to send him City programmes).

The group is a fast growing one for programme collectors and those wishing to sell their collections. Be warned there’s not a lot of money in your City collection, unless you’ve got something old, rare or popular – so those boxes of programmes in the loft are unlikely to make you rich!

Not just for sale – Mark and the other collectors also show off their programmes with on this day features and they also run some tricky quiz questions making the group quite a fun place to look back at the old days.

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5. MCFC JustSayin

Geared towards: Fans wanting latest news on the club including some inside info

No. of members: 2,401

Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291880694304185/ 

A group run by big Blue Dan Timperley, who is ticket secretary of the Ashton supporters branch. The groups motto is “Everything City all in one place”. Dan does a great job posting the latest City info and has some contacts behind the scenes, so gets a few inside scoops before the rest of us! He knew about Aguero’s number change way before the press got wind of it.

Dan admins the group strongly and cracks down on any bullying in the comments. Also all posts have to go through Dan and only those in line with the strategy of the page get posted making it a place to quickly get relevant City news.

Be warned Dan does allow swearing on the page so not for the faint hearted! However all in good humour and the group has a fantasy football league you can join as well as matchday fun questions and Dan’s match reports – which usually get a lot of comments!

Dan is currently taking a bit of a break but does a weekly update and you can still join the group – his inside contacts make MCFC Justsayin a must visit during the transfer windows!


Manchester City Collectors Shirts

6. Manchester City Collectors Shirts

Geared towards: Fans looking to buy/sell rare City shirts

No. of Members: 199

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/26538009347/

A small group in terms of numbers but some of these groups are true collectors.

In the past few days I’ve seen unwashed match day shirts, rare match worn shirts as well as boots and shorts.

As usual it comes with a word of warning that you must get authenticity from the seller, to make sure it’s the real deal. Try to ask questions and look at their previous posts in the group. If you’ve got a rare City shirt then it’s also a good place to sell or value a shirt.

The group is also a place to show off your collections and recent purchases so can get a bit geeky – but it’s City so thoroughly enjoyable! Although often you’ll find the collectors have been bidding each other up on Ebay (which can lead to some fun comments!).

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7. BlueMerchandise Buy/Sell/Exchange

Geared towards: As it says on the tin! If you’ve got something City to sell or want to look for something unusal to buy then here’s a good place

No. of members: 1396

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CityMerchandise/

The second in the list from the Blueroom group of Manchester City Facebook groups – their main group Blueroom (MCFC Facebook Forum) has nearly 2500 members and is more match/transfer discussion based.

This group is along the popular Buy/Sell/Exchange format but with a Manchester City theme. You can often find older items and some City artists post their work on there.

As with the other groups make sure you do your homework on the seller to see if they are genuine.


MCFC Memorial Lets Nort Forget Page

8. Mcfc Memorial Lets Not Forget Page

Geared towards:  A place for fans to remember Blues no longer with us and get support if you’ve recently lost a love one

No. of members: 6,984

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483643955074090/

If you’ve been in Mary D’s recently you’ll see a plaque dedicated to loved ones who supported City who are no longer with us. The plaque was created for this City group which has grown quickly to be a place to remember loved ones and get support from the City family.

Set up by Majorca based season ticket holder Eddie Sparrow (yes he does fly back to watch the games!), the group is a place to ask other Blues for help finding special City things for funerals – if you’re looking for a special version of Blue Moon for instance or want to know where to get Blue roses. Somber compared to the rest of the groups mentioned but a helpful resource when needed.

The group is also a place to celebrate the lives of love ones and lots of people post photos of their loved ones celebrating City wins or in a City shirt on anniversaries or birthdays. The City family in this group help you get through those tough days.

#Together is definitely the motto for this group.


Manchester City Women FC Supporters9. Manchester City Women FC Supporters

Geared towards: People wanting to get involved with the Women’s team

No. of members: 156

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MCWFCSupportersClub/

Now I have to say I’ve not been a member of the group very long, and I’ve only been to one of the Women’s games at the CFA. However the group has a good feel to it as it has that sense of a start up business. The newness of the women’s team and small nature of the supporters club is at odds with the corporate men’s team and is a refreshing change.

There’s lots of helpful people in the group and if you want to start going along to the women’s matches this is a great group to join for information or to start talking to others you’re likely to see at the games.

The group also has started to arrange away travel so will be a good place to make friends and enjoy what is a new venture for the women’s team.


Man City Tickets buy, sell or exchange (2)10. Man City Ticket’s Buy, Sell or Exchange

Geared towards: Fans buying or selling tickets

No. of members: 6,780

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/572240762788768

A second ticket exchange on Facebook. This group is half the size of Daz Clarke’s group but is still an alternative place to find or sell tickets – being smaller there is less competition for tickets and it may be easier to check people’s previous dealings!

Like the other groups you need to be careful when exchanging money with strangers so follow the group’s advice in their pinned post.

Other Facebook groups

I’m a member of a number of other Manchester City Facebook groups and I can recommend a number of them for latest news and to have matchday/transfer/general City discussions.

Here’s a few to try

MCFC 93:20 Group – good for news and general discussion, also admins crack down on swearing and any bullying so aids sensible debates

MCFC Memories – great for sharing memories of Manchester City. Some great photos of Maine Road and past players get posted in the group.

True Blue View (Manchester City Fans) – a large group with nearly 10,000 members but still maintains a fun friendly feel. Matt and the other admins should be proud of the group.

There are lots of other City groups that are just as good and it’s a case of finding one that suits your style. Hopefully this guide has helped you join a group.

Facebook groups can be a great resource and fun especially as you know the rest of the group are City fans (and there’s no better place to be than with a load of fellow Blues!).


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10 Facebook Groups Every Man City Fan Should Join

10 Facebook Groups to help Manchester City fans; from buying and selling tickets to finding matchday streams for all Manchester City games. There’s also ways to buy and sell to match worn shirts and programmes collectors groups – a complete resource for Man City fans.

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