10 Man City experts reveal their favourite MCFC Books

For World Book Day, we asked 10 MCFC experts, from authors and the Man City social media world, what their favorite Man CIty books are? Discover the books which the MCFC experts recommend, there are a few which pop up a number of times!

10 Man City experts reveal their favourite MCFC Books

For World Book Day we asked 10 Manchester City experts what their favourite Man City book is.

The City experts include City social media experts, authors and Cityzen Membership Executive Lee Kenny. Take a look below at their choices for favourite MCFC books.

10 Man City Experts reveal their favourite MCFC Books

My Favourite MCFC book by Steven

My Favourite City book…Steven, editor of City blog View From A Blue.

Uwe Rosler – Knocking Down Walls

I only caught the back end of his City career when I was younger, but found his book fascinating.

More than just the standard football autobiography (although the story of his career was intriguing), it was interesting to read his thoughts on growing up in Germany before and after the reunification, and then his various health problems.

Many ‘celebrity’ books these days are so superficial, but I felt I learnt something from reading Rosler’s.

About Steven

Steven is the editor of Man City blog “A View From A Blue” as well as writing for other sites and speaking about City on radio.

Follow Steven on twitter – @Viewfromablue

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My Favourite City book by Adam Keyworth

My Favourite City book…Adam Keyworth on behalf of BluemoonRisingTV

Paul Lake – ‘I’m Not Really Here‘.

Rarely does any book take you on such a heartbreaking journey of ‘what ifs’ with a City legend whose career was cut short by a horrific injury in his early 20s. This no-holds-barred autobiography gives such a frank depiction of depression and loss and opens up taboos often ignored in football. Lakey’s passion for football and his heartbreak when he has that true love cruelly taken away from him is elegantly written and will last long in the memory of football fans; City or otherwise.

About Adam Keyworth

Adam was a presenter for BluemoonRising TV the home of unofficial Manchester City FC fan content on YouTube. Subscribe for FREE: Here

Follow BluemoonRisingTV on twitter – @BMrisingTV

My Favourite City book by BlueWolf1894

My Favorite City book…Mike “BlueWolf1894” Devlin

Trautmann: The Biography” by Alan Rowlands.

It’s phenomenal what Bert went through and accomplished at City – a true legend of the game

About Mike Devlin

Mike Devlin is an Administrator known as BlueWolf to MCFCForum.com who were the Football Blogging Awards judges “Best Football Forum 2014”

Mike has written a City book to be published in April 2015 – Manchester City – The Secret History of a Club that has no History

Follow BlueWolf1894 on twitter – @BlueWolf1894

My Favourite City book by Howard Hockin

My Favourite City book…Howard Hockin

I was tempted to choose Gary James’ excellent “Manchester The City Years 1857-2012” , the definitive history of City, but it has sold out in hardback version. (Available in kindle form Here.)

So instead I will go for the best football autobiography I have ever read, which is Paul Lake’s “I’m Not Really Here”, which was co-written with his wife Joanne.

Not only does Paul tell a compelling story, one of ups and many downs, including a battle with depression after injury (and the mismanagement of that injury) wrecked his career, but the writing style is as good as anything I have read in an autobiography, and it has a killer last line. It is a must-read.

About Howard Hockin

Howard Hockin is an author and writer of the City blog Standingalone.co.uk.
Howard has written 3 season reviews including last seasons These Charming Men: Manchester City 2013/14 Season Review

Follow Howard Hockin on twitter – @howiehok34


Howard recently teamed up with another excellent Manchester City blogger, Simon Curtis who writes for ESPN and on his own site Down The Kippax Steps.

Together they have written a new Manchester City book called “And he’s the left back remember”

The book details 10 epic Manchester City matches minute by minute so we can relive the tense moments as City tease us never making anything easy!

You can buy the book now on Amazon: Click here for more info


My Favourite City book by Lee Kenny

My Favourite City book…Lee Kenny

Paul Lake’s book “I’m Not Really Here” is great and brought back a lot of memories for older Blues but Bert Trautmann’s story is incredible in Alan Rowland’s book “Trautmann: The Biography“.

About Lee Kenny

Lee Kenny is the Membership Executive at Manchester City FC. He was the #MissionCityzen Winner. Follow Lee for info and help on our brand new #Cityzens membership.

Follow Cityzens on twitter – @Cityzens

My Favourite City book by Andy Savage

My Favourite City book…Andy Savage

My favourite City book has to be Paul Lake’s autobiography I’m Not Really Herebecause it gave great insight into how City / Peter Swales ran the club.

About Andy Savage

Andy Savage runs the Facebook group MCFC 93:20 Group a great group to discuss City stuff and get the latest info on the club. Andy was born in Manchester right near the Etihad then moved to Hyde 16 years ago.

Follow Andy on twitter – @mcfc9320group

My Favourite City book by @CityWatch

My Favourite City book…@CityWatch

Manchester – The City Years by Gary James (Only available now in Kindle form Here.)

Much of City’s history is well known but the further back in time you go, the more you realise what a fascinating history this club has. The roots of Manchester City can be traced back to the 1860s and Gary James’ meticulously researched book takes you back to the 19th century and covers every season up until the famous “Aguerooooooo!” goal.

It really is a must read for any City fan interested in how we got to where we are now.

About @City_Watch

@City_Watch is an unofficial and independently operated Manchester City FC resource on Twitter with over 45,000 followers.

Follow @City_Watch on twitter – @City_Watch

The Ginger Wig has joined forces with @City_watch on their new website to produce a series of City quizzes – check them out here

My Favourite City book by Darryl Webster

My Favourite City book…Darryl Webster

What I love most about Paul Lake’s I’m Not Really Here book is the respect he affords his reader and the honesty maintained in doing so. He didn’t write what he thought a football supporter might like to read, nor did he pander to some sort of blind faith in Manchester City.

Paul wrote his book the only way that book could have be written—honestly. And that honesty and respect for the reader, jumped off the page, grabbed hold of me and didn’t let go until its final page had been turned. Absolutely brilliant read.

About Darryl Webster

Darryl Webster is a Canadian Blue who traveled the world visiting MCFC supporters clubs during the 2013-2014 season. You can read about his journey in his book Pride in Travel: A Title-Winning Season Exploring the World of Manchester City

Follow Darryl on twitter – @DarrylWebster

My Favourite City book by Ric Turner

My Favourite City book…Ric Turner

My favourite City book is “Blue Moon: Down Among the Dead Men with Manchester City” by Mark Hodkinson. It is a collection of articles that were originally published in The Times, chronicling the highs and lows of the 1998-99 season. It is a beautifully written account of the darkest period in the club’s history, and it’s incredible to think it happened only 15 years ago.

About Ric Turner

Ric Turner has been running the Bluemoon site, which incorporates a forum, a news outlet and a blog, since 2001 and has become the largest unofficial City website, with over 14,000 registered users..

Follow Ric on twitter – @bluemoon_mcfc

My Favourite City book by David Walker

My Favourite City book…David Walker

It’s a tough ask to name your favourite Manchester City book, there is a myriad from which to choose so I hedged my bets and went for two totally different tomes; the first is the ultimate MCFC publication, ‘Manchester The City Years‘ from respected City historian Gary James, an absorbing one-stop shop of all you’ll ever need to know about City.

The second is the incredibly emotional, frustrating and heart-rending autobiography of Paul Lake ‘I’m Not Really Here‘. Lakey was one of City’s finest ever homegrown talents, destined to captain England and become an all-time great for club and country. The story of a glittering career, wrecked by injury and the total mismanagement of what could have been a good recovery, reduced me to tears.

About David Walker

David Walker writes the popular City blog Read but never red. A City fan of (in his words) countless years rbnr.co.uk was a finalist in the 2013 Football Blog Awards in the Male writers category.

Follow rbnr.co.uk on twitter – @ReadButNeverRed

So there you have it 10 Man City experts revealing their favourite MCFC books. Many of the 10 Experts have picked the same books with Paul Lake’s I’m Not Really Here coming out on top being mentioned by 6 of the 10.

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