Results: The 5 worst Man City shirts ever!

Discover the 5 worst Man City shirts ever as voted for by you the Manchester City fans. Do you agree or is your favourite MCFC shirt among these horrors? From an original 9 followers of @theGingerWig (twitter) and ManCityGifts Facebook page picked these 5.

Results: The 5 worst Man City shirts ever! 

I asked, you answered – Discover the 5 Man City shirts that City fans dislike the most

Key: 1) Away 1988-90, 2) Away 2000-02, 3) Away 2015-16, 4) Away 1990-92, 5) Away 1996-97, 6) Home 2003-04, 7) 3rd 2008-09, 8) 3rd 1997-98, 9) Away 2005-2006

Everyone’s got their favourite kit, but what about those they don’t like?

Recently on ManCityGifts facebook page and via @thegingerwig on twittter, I posted a picture (see below) of 9 Man City kits and asked everyone to pick their least favourite.

Lots of people got in touch (I even had a few angry responses especially for including number 3!). So here are the results!

Manchester City 2016/17 Third Kit 728x90

Everyone’s vote has been included, so here’s the countdown of the worst 5 Man City kits ever.

Number 5: 1996-1997 Away shirt

The last City away shirt of the classic Umbro/Brother partnership and Umbro gave us this monstrosity (to be far I had it!).

1996.away (1)

After 63 years Umbro gave us this as their last away shirt

Worn during our season in the league below the Premier League (First Divisionthen/Championship now) the kit saw a traumatic season with Alan Ball’s sacking followed by Steve Coppell’s resignation before Frank Clark took over as manager.Unsurprisingly, with 3 managers and 2 caretaker managers in one season, City finished 14th in the league.

Worn by some of the greats such as Rosler, Kinkladze and Dalian Atkinson, the shirt was confined to the giant shirt mountain in the sky the following season when Kappa took over as MCFC kit supplier.

Number 4: 1997-1998 3rd kit shirt

After 63 years of Umbro, the new manufacture Kappa gave us this!

Admittedly it is the 3rd kit and was worn in a few games where the opposition wore blue and white – for example in our match away at QPR. It was also the first season of the new badge having moved away from the circular badge due to commercial reasons.


Worn by City greats McGoldrick and Brannan in the 2-0 lose away at QPR

The 1997-98 season saw yet another managerial change with Joe Royle replacing Frank Clarke as City slipped from 2nd favourites to win the league to being relegated. The season saw City smash their transfer record to buy Lee Bradbury for £3million and keep hold of Gio Kinkladze, but loses to the likes of Stockport and Port Vale soon ensured a terrible season for City.

Number 3: 1990-1992 Away shirt

Coming in at the 3rd worst Man City shirt and again it is an away shirt (we must all like Blue!).

Worn in the early 90’s by the likes of Peter Reid, Niall Quinn and Neil Pointon, the shirt saw Howard Kendall leave and Peter Reid to become player manager. Sporting the Umbro/Brother classic partnership and the retro round City badge, the shirt should be loved but the maroon triangles are a bit of an eyesore!

1990.92.away (1)

The 90-92 period was one of City’s more successful periods with consecutive 5th place finishes (that would be counted as a major success now see Liverpool and Spurs fans for details).

Niall Quinn and David White were the top scorers and City broke their transfer record bringing in defender Keith Curle for £2.5million.

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Number 2: 2000-2002 Away shirt

In second place and my personal least liked!

The shirt dubbed “tinfoil” by a few of the commentators was a hideous silver top. There will be a few haters to that comment as quite a few people commented on Facebook how much they liked this top. (1)

EIDOS – Eleven Idiots Dreaming Of Success! Or dreaming of not wearing this kit

Part of the marketing campaign focused on the “Spirit of 99” with the stripes on the stomach meant to be the colours of the shirt worn at Wembley in City’s play-off win.

Worn during Joe Royle’s last season as manager in our Premier League season, which ended in relegation, and then in Kevin Keegan’s Championship winning team of 2001-02. Worn by The Goat, George Weah and Alfie Inge Haaland – although from my memory the 3rd kit of Red and Black was worn more often in Keegan’s time.

The Worst Manchester City shirt ever – Number 1: 2008-2009 3rd shirt

Now we’ve got to number 1 – the worst Man City shirt ever.

Some thought it was a goalkeeper shirt but here’s the proof of it being worn in action!

View image |

Worn during the 2008-09 season, the third shirt was worn against teams such as West Brom in the league although it yielded no wins in the league.

It was in the UEFA cup where the win occurred in a 2-0 away win against German side Shalke.

The kit was “Tangoed” after only one season but it’s your Worst Man City Kit ever! (1)

The Worst Man City shirt ever!

Do you agree? Are any of your favourites included in the worst 5?

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