“93:20”: New Sergio Aguero goal print from Thatgoal.co.uk

Artist Ron Kirwin, from Thatgoal.co.uk, has created a stunning print of the Sergio Aguero goal against QPR which won Man City the title. Ron captures the scene from behind the goal of the moment in time that will forever be known as Agueroooooooooooooooooo!

“93:20”: New Sergio Aguero goal print from Thatgoal.co.uk

A stunning new print of the Sergio Aguero goal that won City the title.

Read how Ron Kirwin created the print in this exclusive interview with ManCityGifts.com

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Ron practicing Sergio Aguero for his new print

Ron Kirwin is an artist and Man City fan who has created several City based prints and canvases which can be found on his website Thatgoal.co.uk. For his latest piece “93:20” he has chosen the moment when Sergio Aguero hit the ball past Paddy Kenny to win City the title.

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Here I ask him about his new creation “93:20”

4962364Why did you decide to create ’93:20′? 

It’s been 3 years in the making! I guess that moment will never happen again especially in my lifetime so it was an easy decision that this was going to be the next painting. With a busy work and home schedule I really needed time to give it some thought and how I was going to do it justice.

How did you chose which view to use?

I was looking for a view to the side of the goal similar to my Dickov & Hinchcliffe works but I couldn’t find enough reference to create & unfold the whole scene … so after seeing various the footage behind the goal it was an easy decision.

What process did you use to create ’93:20′ and how long did it take? 

Firstly it took about 3 months on and off. I had a plan of how I wanted to portray it … so I literally paused my TV the moment the ball left Sergio’s foot on my City DVD and then started to sketch the scene. I used various references from stadium, angle of the sun&shadows right through to flags, banners and player profiles.

I used my imagination and a little ‘artistic licence’ to create a balanced scene that has got so much to take in! Everthing you see is hand painted and the medium I use is watercolour and gouache.

I also wanted to get a couple ex-City players in the painting, SWP & Nedum Onuoha although Barton had been sent for an early bath so he missed out!

The Thatgoal.co.uk collection now has the Sergio Aguero goal 2012, Yaya FA cup final 2011, Paul Dickov 1999 and Andy Hinchcliff’s 1989 goal in the 5-1 victory over United.Ron.Kirwin.Interview.1 (1)

Ron showing a few of his Thatgoal.co.uk com

Which was you favourite game and which is your favourite piece?

The hairs on my neck still stand up when I see Dickov score at Wembley to send us into extra time. So thats still the game for me. If we hadn’t have got through that game I doubt none of this would have happened!

Regarding the painting, I’ve got to say 93:20. After burning the midnight oil for the past 3 months and suddenly seeing it unfold into the piece it is I am very proud of this one.

Have you any plans for the next piece in the collection? 

I would really love to do Kinky’s virtuoso goal against Southampton back in March 1996. Probably the best goal I’ve ever seen at Maine Road. He was a real crowd pleaser and I’m sure he would fit right into today’s team!

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Ron Kirwin runs the website Thatgoal.co.uk where you can purchase his artworks.


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