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Welcome to ManCityGifts.com – a blog to help you find the perfect Man City gift

Save time, save money, find something unique – that’s my aim for ManCityGifts.com. I want to enable you to do one (or hopefully more) of these rules.

My name is Anthony and I’m the Ginger Wig.

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Whether finding unique Promo codes, running competitions or simply showing you the best Man City Gifts on offer  – This blog will help you save time, save money and find unique Man City gifts.

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About Anthony Rawson (the Ginger Wig)

My name is Anthony and I’ve been a Man City season ticket holder for the last 22 years. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest if you’re active on those networks.

Why the Ginger Wig? As a joke I wore it to the 1st game of the 98/99 season – we won (something we didn’t do very often back then) and I’ve worn it to every game ever since!

Why Setup This Blog?

With a Dad who’s a season ticket holder, a brother who used to be, a nephew who’s going to be (he will if I have anything to do about it!) as well as cousins and friends who are all City fans, the need to buy Man City gifts is a big one.

I’m not a huge fan of shopping and would much rather go on the internet than spend any time at the Trafford Centre (too close to them lot) or to any other shops.

At work and at home I’ve always been good at searching for things on the internet and have found many interesting and unique Man City gifts. I love to read City books and recommend them to fellow Blues on twitter, facebook or face to face (that one’s old school I know!)

I decided to setup this blog to share these gifts and to provide quality recommendations and help to those who need it.

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