Answers: How well do you know Man City autobiographies?

Answers: How well do you know Man City Autobiographies?

Here’s the answers to the City Quiz: How well do you know Man City Autobiographies?

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How well do you know Man City autobiographies?

Take a look at the answers and see where you went wrong.

Which former City midfielder’s autobiography is titled “Not Really Here”?

Not Really Here” is the autobiography of Paul Lake.

Paul’s book is widely acclaimed as the best Manchester City book:
6 out of 10 experts highlighted it as their favourite book:
10 mcfc experts reveal their favourite mcfc books/
Was voted as the Best City book by Man City fans on Twitter:
The top 10 mcfc books as voted by twitter/

Other answer choices:
Steve McMahon played 87 times for City after arriving from Liverpool where he had won many trophies in the late 80’s.
Zambian born brothers Jim and Jeff Whitley played for City in the late 90’s. Jim was older but it was younger brother Jeff who played the most featuring in the 1999 play off final.

Uwe Rosler’s book is titled “Knocking down …” what?

To give you a further clue: Uwe Rosler was born in East Germany (for you younger City fans Germany was split into two countries after the second World War).

East Germany had the Berlin Wall!

Hence Uwe’s book is called “Uwe Rosler – My Autobiography: Knocking Down Walls

Other options:
Barriers – it’s good but it’s not right
Alan Ball – I suspect Uwe came very close to knocking him out when he was his manager at City!
Steve Bruce – maybe in his playing days but have you seen the size of him now? Would take a tank to knock him over!

True or False “Football with a smile” is the title of a book about Joe Mercer?

True – Joe Mercer’s book is called Football With A Smile.

Written by well known City writer Gary James this book tells the story of arguably City’s greatest manager. An interesting story of a man who left his job at Aston Villa due to ill health only to come to a team that can seriously damage your health! A great player for club and country he got City playing with a swagger and style that made a good club great!

“Reluctant Hero” is about which City great?

Written with the aid of BBC Manchester’s Ian Cheeseman Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend is the story of Colin Bell.

Considered by many to still be the best City player ever, Colin Bell was (and according to the book still is) a very shy man who let his feet do the talking. A book which is not full of scandal, but is still a good read bringing back memories for those lucky enough to have seen him. For those of us who are too young the book tells you why he is so fondly considered.

Other options:
Alan Oakes – holds Manchester City’s all-time record for appearances with 564 in total
Mike Doyle – once voted City’s hardest player, sadly passed away in 2007 due to liver failure.
Glyn Pardoe – cousin of Alan Oakes, he became Manchester City’s youngest ever player at nearly 16 years of age. Sadly his career was affected by a broken leg suffered after a tackle by Man United’s George Best.

Select all that apply: Which Joe is the book “Big Joe” not referring to?

The book in question was Big Joe: The Joe Corrigan Story. Ex Man City goalkeeper Joe Corrigan is considered by some to be behind only Bert Trautmann and Frank Swift as City’s best ever goalkeeper.

You should have selected current City goalkeeper Joe Hart, another person named “Big Joe” former City manager Joe Royle and Brazilian World Cup semi-finalist (no I don’t know either) Jo.

@thegingerwig asks:

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What colour is Mike Doyle’s blood according to the title of his book?

For a guy who used to love winding the Stretford End up in Derby games it could only be one – Blue Blood: The Mike Doyle Story

Other options:
Red – really?
Pink – Mike was voted City’s hardest ever player, so not likely
Black – he left a few player’s black and blue by all accounts!

Choose the former Blue who’s book is titled “Catch a falling star”

When you think of the team of the late 60’s/ early 70’s you think of Lee, Bell and Summerbee, but this book is about a player who:
Was top goalscorer when City won the league in 1968
Scored the only goal when City won the FA cup in 1969
Scored and then won a penalty when City won the European Cup winners cup in 1970

Catch a Falling Star: is the Autobiography of Neil Young. A player who should be considered alongside Lee, Bell and Summerbee perhaps overlooked as he came through City’s youth team.

The book tells the story of Neil Young’s life as he went through many personal problems and issues with mental health. A remarkable story of a player without who City may not have won so much.

Other options:
Neil McNab – voted twice City player of the year in the 80’s he played 221 times for City.
Neil Heaney – A winger who played 18 times for City during our fall into Division 2.

How much does Rodney Marsh value himself as according to his book?

For those who follow Rodney on twitter you will know that he has a high opinion of himself that’s why his booked is titled “Priceless: My Autobiography“.

A sneeky question on my part, as this is his 2001 book. Rodney Marsh has recently released another book titled Rodney Marsh: I Was Born a Loose Cannon.

Who’s “The good, the bad and the ugly”

A wonderful book exploring the reasons behind the dark side of Andy Morrison. The catalyst behind the turnaround in the City team in 1999, Andy Morrison should have played at a much higher level, however his inner demons restricted his career. Like the man himself The Good, the Mad and the Ugly: The Andy Morrison Story is an open and honest account of his life giving the reasons why he behaved as he did.

Other options:
Ian Bishop – had two spells at the Blues. A cultured midfielder who added valuable experience and guile in the 98-99 season.
Kevin Horlock – Scored the first City goal in the Wembley 99 final.
Fanzone Danny, Mike McClean and Wingman Nige – Matchday entertainers at City Square. I’ll let you decide which is the Good, Bad and Ugly!

Who was “Born To Rise”?

Sergio Kun Aguero: Born to Rise – My Story was released before Christmas in 2014.

Scorer of the goal that won City the title in 2012, the book has been rated highly going off the reviews on Amazon.

Other options:
Demichelis – Aguero’s fellow Argentine. The defender developed into City’s best defender after a difficult opening half of the season last year.
Pelligrini – The Engineer won 2 trophies in his 1st season as manager of the Blues.
Milner – The hard working England international has won 4 trophies since joining City.

“Maine Man” is the book on which City legend?

Despite joining City at the age of 32, Tony Book became a mainstay of the City team that tore through English football under Mercer and Allison. Maine Man: The Tony Book Story gives the story of a player deemed too old to play football who went on to lift many trophies with City before becoming City’s manager (and caretaker manager on numerous occasions!).

Other options:
Mike Summerbee – Mike’s book is simple named Mike Summerbee – The Autobiography: The Story of a True City Legend
Franny Lee – Franny doesn’t have an autobiography. I’m sure City fans would love him to do one, particularly about his time as Chairman. Can’t see it happening though.
Nicky Summerbee – Nicky doesn’t have an autobiography either!

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