Why the Ginger Wig?

Why the Ginger Wig? Many of you will follow me on Twitter @TheGingerWig and many will have seen me wearing the Ginger Wig to matches over the last 20 years. It’s been worn at Maine Road, the Etihad and Wembley,…
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My Mancitygifts: See what have other Blues have bought

Are you looking for Man City gifts? See what fellow Manchester City fans have bought after visiting ManCityGifts.com. Ok I admit it! You may not want to take fashion advice from a bloke in a 17 year old tartan hat and ginger wig so here’s what other City fans have bought.


About ManCityGifts.com Welcome to ManCityGifts.com – a blog to help you find the perfect Man City gift Save time, save money, find something unique – that’s my aim for ManCityGifts.com. I want to enable you to do one (or hopefully…
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