The Pablo Zabaleta Quiz

The Pablo Zabaleta Quiz Celebrate Pablo Zabaleta with the Pablo Zabaleta Quiz Pablo has been a blue since the day before Sheikh Mansour’s takeover was announced and has really become a true Blue. Take the quiz below to see how…
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The Gary James Man City Quiz: Part 1

Gary James recently created a 50 question Man City quiz and he’s kindly given us permission to publish it. I’ve tried to make a bit easier and split the quiz into 3 parts. Don’t worry you don’t have to know as much about City as Gary does! Here’s part 1 of the Gary James Man City Quiz with 15 questions from Gary’s 50 questions.


Quiz: Man City and the Champions League: Part 2

The second part of the Man City and the Champions League quiz series. 11 questions based on Man City’s Champions League history. Do you know your Barnsley from your Barcelona? If you’re feeling really brave you can also take on part 1 in the series!


Quiz: Man City and the Champions League: Part 1

QUIZ: How much do you know about Man City’s Champions League adventures? Take the quiz to find out. The first in a series of quizzes based on Manchester City’s 5 seasons of UEFA Champions League football. Do you know your Barnsley from your Barcelona?


The international break MCFC quiz

I’ve trawled through my City knowledge to find 11 long forgotten City players. All you have to do is decide which country they played for in this MCFC quiz. Easy! Well maybe, the players played for City in the last 30 years and not all played that many times. How will you do?


The Man City 1st game of the season quiz

Take the Man City 1st game of the season quiz to see how well you remember those post summer games. It’s a tricky one! Only for those with a real knowledge of Manchester City. There’s 11 questions that will stretch your brain power and not many will get them right.


QUIZ: Manchester City’s number 7’s

Raheem Sterling is Manchester City’s new number 7, making him the 8th number 7 in City’s Premier League Squads. Take this quiz to see if you remember the others. Are you up for the challenge of 7 quick fire questions? Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to name them!


The Man City Shirts Quiz

How well can you remember our past Man City Shirts? With the release of the new Man City kitfor 2015/2016 now is the perfect time to take a look at our past kits and do a quick Man City shirts quiz. Can you remember your Umbro shirts from your Le Coq Sportif ones?


QUIZ: Man City and South America

QUIZ: Man City and South America. Do you know your Agueros from your Caciedos or your Geovannis from your Fitzroy Simpsons? Try this new Quiz based on Manchester City’s South American players and management teams.


Quiz: Manchester City FC’s 2014/15 season

Quiz: Manchester City’s 2014/15 season ended with a second place finish and the last 16 of the Champions league. Test your knowledge and memory of the season with this end of season quiz. What can you remember from Man City’s 2014/15 season?

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Man City Wembley 99 Quiz: How much can you remember?

Quiz: Man City v Gillingham at Wembley 99, the turning point in Man City’s history, but how much can you remember? These 11 tricky questions will find out. Test your City knowledge and delve deep into the memory banks to the days of Weaver, Edghill and Bishop.


Answers: MCFC Last game of the season quiz

Find out the answers to thegingerwig’s MCFC last game of the season quiz. How did you do on this tough quiz about Man City’s final league games of the season. The answers are revealed in full with detail of the drama as it unfolded over the course of Man City’s history.


MCFC: Last game of the season quiz

Challenge yourself with the MCFC: Last game of the season quiz. 11 tough questions based on the final league game of the season across the history of Man City. Relegations, promotions, the bizarre and wonderful are all covered in this quiz. Are you a football genius?


Quiz: Where should you sit at the Etihad Stadium?

Seat relocation tool: ManCityGifts.com has created a quiz to determine where you should sit at the Etihad Stadium. If you’re wondering where to sit then this is the tool for you. With prices going up and an expanded singing section this quiz will tell you where you should sit.


Manchester Derby Quiz: How much do you actually know?

Quiz: How much do you actually know about Manchester Derbies? It’s the Manchester Derby this week, so @thegingerwig has put together a Manchester Derby quiz to test your Derby knowledge. Who came from Zimbabwe to score on Derby day? What was…
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Quiz: How well do you know Man City Autobiographies?

How well do you know Man City autobiographies? Test your Man City book knowledge with these eleven tricky questions from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of City’s history. Who’s the Maine Man? Which Joe is Big Joe? How many will you get right?