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Spirit of the Kippax Pablo Zabaleta Song T-shirt

I’m loving my Pablo Zabaleta Song t-shirt from the guys at Spirit of the Kippax. With lots of different details the t-shirt depicts the Zabba song. The word Argentina is in the colours of the Argentine flag and Jaap Stam has a “who’s he” side note. A great tribute to Pablo!

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Celebrate the important goals Frank Lampard has scored for Manchester City with the brand new Super Frankie Lampard T-shirt from Bluemoonrising T-shirts. Lampard’s move to New York City FC will keep him in the City family. Manchester is Blue!

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Colin Bell Nijinsky Blue t-shirt

Give your Man City t-shirt collection a more vintage feel with this tribute to arguably the greatest midfielder in City’s history, Colin Bell. Nicknamed after the famous horse Nijinsky as he was difficult to outrun, Bell was part of the great City side of the late 60’s.

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City Legend “Zab Man” t-shirt

Add a touch of “Zab Man” to your City wardrobe with this Blue Moon Rising t-shirt of the great Pablo Zabaleta. In typical pose, with a bandage around his head, (how can one man get injured so much) this t-shirt is perfect for a fan of the Argentine right back.

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Pablo Zabaleta “Harder than Jaap Stam” t-shirt

Ensure your Red mates know exactly who the hardest man in Manchester is with this Pablo Zabaleta t-shirt. The Spirit of the Kippax t-shirt celebrates the Pablo Zabaleta song that we’ll sing again when we become Champions of England again! He plays in Blue and White..


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