Day 8: Mancitygifts Advent Calendar

It's Raheem Sterling's birthday so in today's advent calendar I've got a special Raheem Sterling prize to win. Take a look behind door 8 to see what it is. It's hard to believe that he's only 21 he seems to have been around forever. Just keep him away from those helium birthday balloons! Happy Birthday Raheem!

Day 8: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar

It’s day 8 of the ManCityGifts Advent Calendar! Matchday against Monchengladbach

What’s behind door number 8?

Door number 8 opens and……………………….

It’s Raheem Sterlings Birthday! 21 today!

WIN a Raheem Sterling Bleacher Creature courtesy of the Official City Store win your very own Raheem Sterling simply click on the button below and answer the simple question

HINT: Make sure you share at the end as it could improve your chance of winning!

WIN the Raheem Sterling toy>

You could win a Raheem Sterling Bleacher Creature – a 10″ soft toy version of the player. There are 4 Manchester City players available as Bleacher Creatures and I predict they will be the best selling Xmas Man City Toy. 

You can read my predictions here: Top 10 Man City Toys this Christmas (1)

My top 10 Man City toys this Christmas: View Now

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What was behind other Doors?


Door:3 Win your own City portrait from


Click here to visit the Door 3 page and enter the City Portrait competition

Door 4: Win a Sky Blue and White Luxury Cashmere Beanie – Win HERE


Day 7: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar

What’s behind the door to day 7 of the ManCityGifts Advent Calendar? Take a peek and see for yourself. Chase away those Monday Blues (after the Stoke performance there’s a lot of them about!) Be quick though as the door shuts again at Midnight! And make sure you come back every day!

Day 6: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar

It’s Day 6 and if you love Man City and like baking then today’s the day for you. Take a look at what’s behind Door 6 in the Mancitygifts Advent Calendar. Are you a Bake Off fan, is Mary Berry a Blue, surely Paul Hollingwood’s a Scouser so he can’t be a CIty fan – can he? Take a look behind door 6 to find out.

Day 5: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar

Day 5: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar – You’ve got only 24 hours before this door slams shut! What will be behind today’s door? Fans of NYCFC might want to look! In fact fans of any team may want to look! Remember day 5’s door will shut at 9am on the 6th so be quick and see what’s behind today’s door.

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Man City Christmas Gifts: Over £100

The final part of the Man City Christmas Gifts series and the most expensive! Luxury unique gifts for Manchester City fans this Christmas. Go on spoil them this Christmas. From special Manchester City furniture and limited edition City watches, there’s even your very own Manchester City FC pool table.

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Man City Christmas Gifts: Under £100

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Day 4: ManCityGifts Advent Calendar

It’s Day 4 of the ManCityGifts Advent Calendar. What is behind today’s door? Today you can win a great luxury gift, perfect for a cold night at Stoke! Be quick and you can check out what was behind the other doors, although you’ve missed out on 20% off at the Official Manchester City store.