Inside the Etihad Stadium South Stand Expansion: Exclusive images

Exclusive Images: Take a look at the inside of the Etihad Stadium South Stand expansion. These exclusive images were taken on a behind the scenes tour. Find out what the project manager had to say about the expansion and his thoughts on a completion date.

Inside the Etihad Stadium South Stand Expansion: Exclusive images

Take a look at the inside of the new South Stand expansion at the Etihad Stadium


You get a great view from the top (when I get out of the way!).

As part of the new MCFC home shirt launch that I went on, the group was given a behind the scenes tour of the building work inside the Etihad stadium South Stand expansion. Here are the photos I took together with some of the info the Project Managers told us.

The seats are still going in!

The seats to the rear of the tier are still going in. The roof has taken longer than planned to put in due to higher than average days lost due to wind. On average the crane operators expected to lose 1 day per week due to wind but this project they’ve lost 2! The roof of the new stand is much more rigid than the old roof. This is a design feature to try to bounce the sound back making the ground noisier – it’s now up to you to sing! 1.1 (1)

The seats are still going in!


Where the old stand ended

This photo of the floor of the new “Legends” area shows how far the back of the stand has gone outwards. The line on the floor is the exterior of the existing stand. (Don’t worry the floor will be sealed!). 2.1

The full extent of the expansion


The view from the top

What a view! You’ll get a great understanding of how play is developing from the seats in the top tier. The 3rd tier feels part of the stadium rather than an add on like other grounds. 3.1

It feels part of the stadium

The metal gantry at the top this photo is part of a new flood lighting system for the stadium. These gantries have also been installed in the Colin Bell and East Stands.

Stairway to heaven!

The stairways are going in up to the third tier. There will be meshing at the rear to prevent all weather (except driving rain), whilst allowing natural daylight into the stairwells. 6.1

The stand is served by 6 stair cases


Pitch-side seats

The new three rows of pitch-side seats are going in. The East and North stands are virtually all in. The Colin Bell stand seats are targeted to go in before Christmas but the project manager is trying to get them in before the start of the season! They were laying the concrete when we were there. 4.1

The workmen look small from up here!


Windows to provide natural light


Natural light is provided via floor to ceiling windows

Large parts of the inside of the stand have windows overlooking Ashton New Road. The windows make the stand feel much bigger and makes a change from the concrete concourses we’re used to at modern grounds.

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 The new Legends restaurant

I tried to get a bit “arty” with this photo as the design features in the new restaurant made it feel appropriate.With windows on both sides and being an open space makes it feel huge.


An arty take on the new Legends lounge

The pitch-side windows will have to be covered during the game, as you are not allowed to consume alcohol in view of the pitch. However during the game you’ve got padded seats on level 2 to sit in!


The food area is lit by natural light through the windows

A work in progress

The seats in the bottom tier had to be taken out to allow vehicle access, whilst the seats in the middle tier have been taken out to be replaced by padded seats for the new Legends lounge.


Coming along nicely

A great view without the GingerWig in the way!

The steelwork at the top is part of the original roof. This goes all the way around the stadium forming a ring that keeps the roofs of the other stand up and therefore had to stay in place!


What a sight! This is our City!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this insight in to the new areas of the stand. The project manager insists the Etihad Stadium South Stand expansion will be ready for the Chelsea game.

Roll on August!


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