Football Mishmash: Spot the Man City links!

Football Mishmash is a brilliant hand-drawn illustration featuring over 450 iconic moments in football. Can you spot the Man City moments? A football fan spent 1800 hours creating a pictorial history of football. There's quite a few City links in the drawing, which is also available as a jigsaw. Here's a few City moments to remember!

Football Mishmash: Spot the Man City links!


The Poznan and Liam Gallagher feature in the crowd.

Football Mishmash: Football fan spends 1800 hours creating a history of Football featuring 3000 characters.

Can you spot the Man City moments captured in the brilliant image? If it’s too difficult I’ve zoomed in below!


There are over 450 moments from the history of Football, below are a few of the Man City moments. How many do you remember?
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agueroooo (1)

Agueroooo had to feature didn’t it!

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Mad Mario features with the Balotelli Chicken hat (with Fergie moaning at his watch)


The Ben Thatcher elbow tackle! I remember that at the Etihad.

adebayor (1)

One of the only things Adebayor did at City, still I enjoyed it.

Helen “the bell” Turner caught holding the League cup in 1976

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Haaland (1)

That thug Keano’s knee high tackle on Alfe Inge Haaland is another unsavory moment in the history of football


Liam’s in the crowd and Noel is picking the MCFC ball out for the FA cup draw.


Mario again with his famous Why Always Me? T-shirt from the 6-1 derby win!


Unfortunately it’s not @thegingerwig on the Wembley crossbar!

Here’s how Alex made Football Mishmash


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