Football Shirt Friday: Raising Funds to Beat Bowel Cancer

April 22nd 2016 is Football Shirt Friday where the Bobby Moore Fund asks you to wear your football shirts to raise money to beat Bowel Cancer. This year have become Official Charity Partners. Here's more information on the event.

Football Shirt Friday: Raising funds to beat Bowel Cancer

The now yearly event returns on April 22nd where The Booby Moore Foundation encourages you to wear your retro football shirts to work.


Friday 22nd April 2016 is Football Shirt Friday

I received an email from the guys over at ClassicFootballShirts stating:

We’re delighted to be official charity partners of The Bobby Moore Fund ‘Football Shirt Friday’ campaign this year to help raise funds to help fight bowel cancer.  Would you be able to share with your audience to help spread the word. Simply, wear your football shirt at work on Friday 22nd April and donate £2 to the Bobby Moore Fund to take part. It’s that easy!

So here goes the word spreading!!!!!

Football Shirt Friday

Football Shirt Friday is an annual event set up by the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK to raise money to fight bowel cancer. Inspired by the famous image of Bobby Moore swapping shirts with Pele in the 1970 World Cup the event is now in it’s third year and growing every year. All you have to do is wear a Retro Football Shirt to work!


  • Wear your football shirt to work and donate £2
  • Hold a Football Shirt Friday in your office, school or community
  • Share your pictures with us on the day on Twitter using #FootballShirtFriday

For more details and to donate head over to the ClassicFootballShirts Website


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Watch the new Football Shirt Friday video below

Bowel Cancer Facts

  • Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK. 

Also the second most common cause of cancer death. More than 44 people die from the disease every day in the UK. That’s equivalent to four entire football teams.

  • 1 in 14 men and 1 in 19 women in the UK will develop bowel cancer at some point in their lifetime.

We’re making great progress at tackling the disease. Since the Bobby Moore Fund was established in 1993, bowel cancer mortality rates have fallen by approximately 30%.

  • It’s crucial to spot bowel cancer early. 

The great news is that if bowel cancer is detected at the earliest stage, more than nine out of ten patients will survive the disease for more than five years.

Learn more about Bowel Cancer at Cancer Research UK

For more details on Football Shirt Friday and to donate head over to the ClassicFootballShirts Website