For those who ask why? 15 seasons with the Ginger Wig!

Has it really been 15 seasons of wearing the Ginger Wig?

You may have seen me at Maine Road. Or at the Etihad (or Wembley, Goodison, Villa Park etc)

At every match donning a Tartan hat with ginger hair. The Ginger Wig!

It was only meant to be a joke. An impulse purchase on a family holiday in Scotland.

Little did I know that 15 seasons later, I’d still be wearing it. It’s taken over my life. It’s even got a twitter account!

The debut of the Ginger Wig

The Ginger Wig’s debut was a 3 – 0 win over Blackpool in August 1998. A luck omen!

We certainly needed it after being in free fall for a number of seasons.
And so it began!

A journey wearing the Ginger Wig to all City games since. Except Stoke and Liverpool away, when I’ve sat in the home end. (Keeping the wig in my coat pocket!)

Since wearing the Ginger Wig, City have won all four domestic trophies plus the Playoff final in 99 and been Division One Champions under Kevin Keegan.


Wembley 2011


The Ginger Wig with Shaun Goater outside Wembley 2013


Its only taken 15 seasons (and Sheik Mansour’s billions) to prove the ginger wig is a lucky omen!

In my younger days I’d wear a kilt with my wig and paint my face for the last game of the season. City’s very own Braveheart!

scan0004 (2)

“See you Jimmy!” fans shout as I go past.
The funny thing is I’m not even Scottish!
It’s getting a bit thread bare now, I lost the bobble a few years ago and the hair’s a bit tangled.
But when going to a match I can’t leave home without it! My very own lucky City omen. #CTWD

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