My Mancitygifts: See what have other Blues have bought

Are you looking for Man City gifts? See what fellow Manchester City fans have bought after visiting Ok I admit it! You may not want to take fashion advice from a bloke in a 17 year old tartan hat and ginger wig so here’s what other City fans have bought.

My Mancitygifts: See what have other Blues have bought

Anthony.Rawson.1Ok I admit it!

Taking fashion advice from a bloke wearing a 17 year old Tartan Hat with a ginger wig may not be for everyone.

However, it’s not just me who thinks these Man City gifts are great. Take a look at what other Blues have bought after visiting ManCityGifts.


Darren purchased a view favourite of ManCityGifts readers with this St Marks Gorton T-shirt.

The t-shirt is part of the 50 shades of Blue post featuring 50 shirts from City’s history. Combining the historic St Marks design with the modern song “we’re not really here” makes this design stand out.


Sally (pictured at Anfield last season) purchased this chunky blue and white knitted scarf from Etsy after visiting the ManCityGifts blog post 11 items of winter clothing for Man City fans.  Now might be a good time to revisit that post as the mornings are getting a bit chilly!


Pete bought this popular Aguerooooo t-shirt before wearing it at Chelsea away last season.

The t-shirt is part of the post: 9 ways to remember Agueroooooooooooo


When James was searching for a long sleeve version of the new away kit, I suggested he visit the ManCityGifts price comparison table for away kits. Every size and style of Manchester City away shirt is in the tables.

He order this from Nike on Monday and got it on Wednesday!


Tony took Campo Retro up on their 2 for £20 t-shirt offer getting a Nijinsky and St Marks combo. No History they say!

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