New Blue Moon Rising T Shirt

Based on Danny Crawley's art and words from the City anthem Blue Moon, this new t-shirt from Blue Moon Rising T shirts promises to be another best seller. "Without a dream in my heart" is emblazoned across a heart shaped Blue Moon, what could be more Man City?

New Blue Moon Rising T Shirt

Great new t-shirt from Blue Moon Rising t-Shirts

Our friends over at Blue Moon Rising T-shirts have released their new summer t-shirt. Based on a piece of art by founder Danny Cawley, the Blue Moon Rising T-shirts have sold over 15,000 t-shirts to City fans, so I’m sure this will be another success.

The new t-shirt features the Blue Moon art that Danny created after the 6 – 1 game at Old Trafford in 2011. Where this one is different is that the line “without a dream in my heart” is written across the Blue Moon, which also features a heart shape for the first time.


Where are the Blue Moon Rising T shirts available?

You can purchase the t-shirts online from 4th May. The t-shirts are priced at £14.99 (if you use the code lovecity you can buy two for £20!)

Alternatively the t-shirts are stocked in shops (old skool I know!) around Manchester. You can find a full list of shops here

What else do they sell?

There are now 12 different t-shirts, not all based on the Blue Moon art, and you can also buy prints of Danny’s art work. They ship worldwide so great for the far flung blues (even those in Georgia!).


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