Pep Interview: Inside the Mind of Pep Guardiola

Pep Interview: Inside the Mind of Pep Guardiola

Here’s your chance to hear what Pep really said!

A lot has been made in the British media of certain parts of an interview Pep Guardiola did with an American broadcaster. Unfortunately the video of the interview is not available in the UK but the podcast is available below.


What did Pep Guardiola say?

In a podcast lasting 20+ minutes the English press picked up on two main comments

Pep said he is already planning for retirement 

Hence articles saying Pep Guardiola to quit soon (forgetting to mention he actually says he doesn’t plan to be a manager at the age of 60 or 65 – he’s currently 45!)

Pep said City are 10 years behind the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United, Liverpool etc

Ahh falling right into the City have no history trap and the medias love in with United and Liverpool! Obviously he means that in terms of time spent in the Champions League and number of titles won but picked upon by the clickbait lot.

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Pep responded to the comments in his press conference before the West Ham FA Cup game

The interview Inside the Mind of Pep Guardiola was broadcast on the Podcast Men In Blazers. For those in the States the interview is available in video format on the NBC website here (Doesn’t work in the UK – not sure about other locations)

As a Blue I’m sure you’ll prefer to hear what Pep Guardiola actually says rather than the red top clickbait lot!

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