Revealed: The document that got Mancini the sack!

I am going to reveal the document that got Mancini the sack from Manchester City (and also cost Jose Mouriniho the job of Barcelona manager).

I came across the document whilst siting on a beach in Cala D’or in Majorca. Quite an unexpected place to find the document, although this document was probably created not too far away from Majorca. In fact the document could have been written on a yacht in the Cala D’or marina but probably created in an office at the Camp Nou, Barcelona.

Whilst reading “Goal: the ball doesn’t go in by chance” by Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano, I came across the document midway through the book. Soriano describes a 9 point document created by Marc Ingla (at the time vice chairman in the football area at Barca). The nine points came from Tixi Begiristain’s ideas and those of others in the club. The document was designed to help in the selection of Barca’s new manager after Frank Rijkaard was sacked.

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Soriano describes how the document swayed their opinion away from the controversial Jose Mourinho (then Porto manager before he became the Special One!) and instead employed Pep Guardiola.

Whilst the document doesn’t particularly name Mancini you can see why he would be sacked. I don’t believe for one moment that Soriano and Begiristain will not have brought with them or created a document like the one Soriano mentions in his book. The first point is perhaps the most telling for Mancini’s sacking.


How many times at press conferences last year did we see Mancini having a pop at Brian Marwood? How often did Roberto mention for the need for him to have more control over the club? We saw Lombardo installed as EDS manager. Roberto wanted the control Ferguson had at the Swamp. However this is not the way of Soriano and Begiristain.

Point 2 states that the Playing Style must be a continuous balance of an attractive game and efficiency.

Point 5 states Active dressing room management with sub point Careful managing of star Players

Point 6 under “Other responsibilities and commitments for the club to manage” highlights the need to “Act cautiously at all times” to the media.

In all the points it could be argued that Roberto struggled at times with each of them!

Soriano’s book is a must read for fans wanting to see the future of Manchester City. An advocate of the theory that the winning teams pay the highest salaries. This is a man who helped transform the finances of Barcelona by increasing revenue whilst changing the player’s contracts to more performance related pay. I believe that one of the main reasons we have seen players sign new contracts this summer is that they have changed to a more performance related pay. Clichy, Yaya, Zabba amongst others have all signed new contracts, whilst Barry and Tevez have left as the contracts are based on playing.

My only concern is that in order to pay the highest wages the cost of season tickets will go up as they did at Barcelona!


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