The Football Map by Dorothy

The Football Map is Manchester based designers Dorothy's latest artwork. With over 500 football related references, this artwork is perfect for all fans. With a large chunk of the map dedicated to Manchester City, you'll find the Maine Road next to the Paul Lake.

The Football Map by DorothyDorothy.0100.Football.Map.main.area..6.Med.City1

  • New Football Map print from Manchester Designers Dorothy

  • Over 500 football related places and names feature

New to the Mancitygifts shop available here

Manchester based design team Dorothy have come up with another master piece with this Football Map design, with a large chunk of the map dedicated to the only football team to come from Manchester.

The map is roughly based on the birthplace of modern football as Dorothy explain;

The 19th century style map is loosely based on the area surrounding Parker’s Piece, a park in central Cambridge that is regarded as the birthplace of Association Football. It was here in 1848 that a group of students drew up and adopted a set of rules for football matches that became the basis for modern rules drawn up by The Football Association in 1863.

The map focuses on a central City surrounded by countryside which is dissected by roads and contains many parks, woodlands and features. It’s only when you look closely that you can tell the map is football related.


The map contains over 500 references to football related people and places that make good points on a map mainly from the English leagues but also Scotland and further afield. Each road, park and moorland has a footballing theme, think Goodison Park, Bobby Moore and Carrow Road.

For the Manchester City part of the map, there is a Maine Road leading to Hyde Road via Platt Lane. These go through an area which contains a Paul Lake full of Bert Trautmann. There’s also a factory run by the Vincent Kompany and a woodland full of Alan Oakes. Dorothy.0100.Football.Map.main.area..7.Med.City2

Most football teams are included with grounds, club nicknames and players included as well as pitch terms, such as dugout and half way line. Some football positions are also included such as the hospital pass and Jose Mourinho’s favourite Parking the Bus stop!

The Football Map is a 4 colour Litho print on 120sgm uncoated art paper and is available from the Mancitygifts Online Shop.

This is the perfect gift for a footie fan who wants a subtle piece of art for their home. You and your guests will spend ages looking at all the references (I keep finding new ones such as the Joe Cole mine I found today!).

Just don’t use it when you’re on an away day!

Dorothy are fast becoming one of my favourite art designers after previously created a stunning print of the main stand at Maine Road (the 1st place I watched Man City live). Maine.Road.DorothyThis print was part of Dorothy’s lost destinations range which covers iconic buildings no longer with us.

The Maine Road print is also available from the Mancitygifts shop.

We like it so much we included it in this post on; 5 Maine Road prints for Manchester City fans


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