The top 10 MCFC books as voted by Twitter

As @thegingerwig on Twitter I asked my followers to name their favourite two City related books (Gary James the author was not allowed his own)!

Here’s the views of my twitter followers (my favourite is not included – Sorry Bert!)

*** TOP PICK ***Paul Lake’s Book got the number 1 spot!
I'm Not Really Here by Paul Lake

1) I’m Not Really Here by Paul Lake

Now I’m just too young to have witnessed Paul Lake’s playing days at City but the man’s career is personifies ‘Typical City’. A brilliant future described by many as a future England captain had horrendous bad luck and bad judgement on the part of medical personnel and Peter Swales. The book is described as the best football bio by a large number of reviewers and got the most votes in my twitter poll. It’s one I’ll be grabbing for my summer holiday read.

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Richer than God by David Conn. Man City books2) Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up by David Conn

Written by City fan, Guardian sports writer David Conn,a specialist on the topic of football finance. He alternates between his insights of the present-day City and his own emotional experiences as a blue. The book contains rare interviews with Chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, and former Director of Football, Brian Marwood. Conn speaks of his support from the Maine Road days and his battle to remain passionate in more money-driven times.

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3) Blue Blood: The Mike Doyle Story

Now if I’m too young to have seen Paul Lake play then I’m definately too young for Mike Doyle! However I have witnessed the tributes for Mike when he passed away in June 2011. This was a player who bled blue, a boy from Reddish who had a hatred for the Reds! He was a fans player, with the passion that seems to be devoid from some of the modern players. An honest easy read warts and all!

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Manchester the City Years by Gary James. Man City books 4) Manchester – the City Years: Tracing the Story of Manchester City from the 1860s to the Modern Day by Gary James

Voted by more than Gary James (see below) so I’ve allowed it into the top 10. Gary James is a writer of very and I mean very detailed Manchester City books. This man must spend 24 hours a day researching – he is a machine. This book is a thorough account of Manchester City from the clubs birth to May 13th 2012 (what happened on that date?). 608 pages detailing Manchester City’s history (What history?). What more could you want?

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Football with a smile by Joe Mercer. Man City books5) Joe Mercer: Football with a Smile

I love the picture on the front of this book. Joe Mercer reminds me of my Grandad, not because of the way he looks but because hearing my Grandad recall Joe Mercer’s time as manager is the reason I became a Blue! I would listen intently as this stern man’s voice would crack under the emotion of recalling the days of Lee, Bell and Summerbee. I’ve since seen some great footage of Joe Mercer saying “we play football simply”, sometimes with Prozone and Tactic trucks I think we forget that in modern football! (Another Gary James book allowed in top 10).

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 Joint sixth place, all with the same number of votes:
Kicked into Touch: Plus Extra Time by Fred EyreKicked into Touch: Plus Extra Time by Fred Eyre

If you only know Fred Eyre from his GMR radio punditry this book will fill you in on his career in football. I knew nothing of Fred’s playing time before reading this but the book is packed with interesting, sometimes humourous accounts of Fred’s attempts to be a professional footballer. A journey around the lower leagues both as a player and in management provides a thoroughly good read.

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Football Wizard: Billy Meredith Story - Manchester's First Football Superstar Football Wizard: Billy Meredith Story – Manchester’s First Football Superstar

The original Welsh wing wizard (100 years before Gareth Bale!). Meredith played for both City and United in a very long career his last match was at the age of 49 years 245days! Banned for attemptimg to bribe an opponent, caused numerous players, managment and board members to be suspended and joined United whilst under the ban – a rather colourful character to say the least!

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Feed The Goat by Shaun Goater

Feed the Goat by Shaun Goater

Don’t need to say much about Shaun’s time at the club, who let the goat out! Well Sir Alex actually! A story of a man who refused to give up, I got on TV after he had been fed by Gary Neville wearing a t-shirt of a girl feeding a goat! You could hear Richard Keys laughing on Sky TV!

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The Good, The Mad and The Ugly by Andy MorrisonThe Good, the Mad and the Ugly: The Andy Morrison Story

Andy Morrison’s time at the club was short lived but if ever there was a need for a leader like Andy we needed it at that time. The photo on the front of the book shows Morrison after scoring a screamer at Boundary Park, Oldham. Possibly the coldest place I ever been to. Morrison’s strike certanly warmed the Blues up as it was a thunderbolt from 20 yards. Always great to hear Andy speak on tv and radio, a man who battled anger issues and alcohol – a dangerous combination.

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Football for life by Simon CooperFootball For Life by Simon Cooper

Look in a Manchester City history book and Simon Cooper won’t be there. He didn’t play, he didn’t coach or manage, he didn’t control the purse strings or control the revolving managerial chair. Simon Cooper is a fan. He became part of the Young Guvnors during the Madchester rave days. In the book he talks about his drug adiction and the hooligen days of the 80’s and 90′s. But then he became a manager of a sunday league team and a family man and his priorities changed!

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Manchester United ruined my life by Colin ShindlerManchester United Ruined My Life and Manchester City ruined my life by Colin Shindler

Two books by Colin Shindler depicting his life as a Man City fan. The first (Man U) is from the bad days where United were winning everything whilst City won nothing. The second was written around the time of City’s FA cup win in 2011 details Shindler’s feeling of alienation from the team he loved. As all City fans from the bad days the new one has taken a bit of getting used to! As I said recently it’s taken a long time to be referred to as a “Glory Fan”, I’m basking in it!

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Now I asked Gary James to name books other than his own, but he named his own anyway! So I’ve not included them in the top 10 but here are the ones he mentioned. I’ve still not forgiven him for allowing my mum to subscribe me to Manchester the Greatest City for my 18th birthday present, in which my favourite ever player was listed as Eddie McGoldrick (The question my mum as was who’s playing well at the moment? #best of a bad bunch).

Farewell To Maine Road: The Official History of Manchester City’s Grounds

Manchester the Greatest City: Complete History of Manchester City Football Club,

Manchester: A Football History – The Story of City, United, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stalybridge, Stockport and More

A big shout out to my twitter followers who voted. They are in no particular order;

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