Top 17 Man City books February 2015

Discover what Manchester City books to buy for fans of Man City with this comprehensive list of February's 17 best selling Man City books. You will discover the movers and shakers in the Man City book world with new entrants and rising must reads!

This is the UK Top 17 best selling Man City books for the February 2015 direct from .

This months collection of Top 17 best selling Man City books sees seven new entrants including “Looks Like Scunny next sesaon” by David Mooney. David was the 1st interviewee for’s interview series.

You can find David’s interview at MCFC author interview: David Mooney writer.

Have a look below and see how many you’ve read.

Top 17 best selling Man City books of February 2015


No. 1 < – >

Official Manchester City FC 2015 Annual (Annuals 2015)

Still number 1 of the Man City books chart, the City annuals are quite thin with a lot of photos and some little quizzes. A nice present for a Junior Blue.


No. 2 < up 3 >

Colin Bell – Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend

Man City’s shyest member of Lee, Bell and Summerbee, tells his story through BBC radio Manchester’s Ian Cheeseman. Whilst some claim the book lacks the dirty laundry many similar books contain, it shows the respectful nature of arguably City’s greatest player. A good choice for supporters of the era and those (like me) who were not fortunate enough to watch the great man.


No. 3 < up 3 >

Hammered – By Mark Ward

It’s probably West Ham fans pushing this up the list but if you want a completely contrasting book to Colin Bell’s then this is probably it! Need to know more well the full title is “Hammered- I Played Football for West Ham, Man City and Everton…Then the Police Came Calling and My Life Fell Apart “

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No. 4 < down 2 >

Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up

Dropping 2 places is David Conn’s “Richer than God”. The well respected Guardian journalist, Man City fan and specialist on football finance, writes this account of Manchester City’s journey from his Manchester childhood in the 70’s through to City’s Premier League win in 2012. A mix of personal memories and boardroom insights as Conn delves deeper into the financial side of the business.

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No. 5 < down 2 >

The Worst of Friends: The Betrayal of Joe Mercer

Another book dropping two places from the January list, Colin Shindler’s book on City’s successful management team of the late 60’s tracks the relationship between Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer. Two completely opposite personalities that came together to form a multi-trophy winning team.

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No. 6 < up 1 >

Blue Moon Turned Gold: The Rebirth of Manchester City

Sports Historian Graham Gordon looks at City from a unique angle revealing on which road Pablo Zabaleta played pool and go to the chippy! He starts with a look at our Blue Moon anthem, discussing our recent history with lots of new and informative pieces including the clash between Mancini and the Barca Boys, before giving a behind the scenes look into the players at the club.

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No. 7 < up 7 >

The Little Book of Man City (Little Book of Football)

February’s biggest mover rising 7 places. A handy pocket sized reality check! If we’ve been knocked out of the cup by a lower league team and you’re feeling down then this is the book for you. Every page is a quote from the great and good of Manchester City. A humourous little gift for the Man City fan in your life.

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No. 8 < new entry >

Frank Swift – Manchester City and England Legend

A new entry to the list, possibly due to the anniversary of the Munich air disaster in which the great Manchester City goalkeeper died. Frank Swift had retired as a player and was reporting on the United game for the News of the World. This highly rated book is a very detailed account of Frank Swift’s life from humble beginnings in Blackpool to playing for England 33 times.

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No. 9 < new entry >

Manchester City Cult Heroes: City’s Greatest Icons

We’ve all got our favorite players, we’ve all got a team of the best players, but they’re not necessarily the same. I’ve got a soft spot for Neil Pointon, I doubt anyone else has (except maybe his mum!). David Clayton’s book contains info on lots of players who, whilst maybe not the best footballers, are considered cult heroes by the City supporters.

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No. 10 < down 2 >

The Manchester City Songbook (Football Songs)

A leather bound songbook featuring new and old Manchester City song. Hasn’t got the new Zaba song in but Niall Quinn’s Disco pants get an airing! Great to bring back memories of the Kippax and special games where we sung the song.

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No. 11 < New entry >

Looks Like Scunny Next Season: The 1999 Manchester City Team That Came Back from the Dead

It’s a strange thing that a person can have such an impact on your life and then you never hear of them ever again. For those at Wembley in 99 we still talk about the players that helped turn the tide. Well David Mooney did one better in tracking the players down! David interviews each member of the team such as Terry Cooke and Kevin Horlock, finding out their thoughts on the game and discovering what they are doing now.

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No. 12 < new entry >

Manchester City the Early Years 1880-1900

Paul Toovey charts the first 20 years of Manchester City as the football club struggled to establish itself in a rugby orientated city. The book contains team sheets and other documents from the time providing a thorough account of the club from 1880 to 1900.

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No. 13 < down 4 >

Once in a Blue Moon: Life, Love and Manchester City

The tale of a Man City fan (and Manchester itself) from the 70’s to the our League win in 2012. If you grew up in Manchester in the 70’s then this book is for you. Full of nostalgia, Steve Worthington captures many fond memories of Manchester, Man City, watching England and managing a Sunday League team. Steve wrote many great pieces for the City fanzine “Electric Blue” and this is another great piece he’s written.

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No. 14 < New Entry >

Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Manchester City

Were you a MCFC mad kid in the 70’s or 80’s? Well this is a book for you! Full of long lost Man City gifts from yesteryear, this book will have the memories flooding back with great images of the things you had as a child.

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No. 15 < – >

The Bumper Bundle of Manchester City Stories: 2008-14

A none mover at 15, Howard Hockin’s Bumper Bundle of City stories charts the rise of the team from 2008 to 2014. A collection of articles written by Howard from the point at which Thaskin Sinawartra left the club as we won the footballing lottery. Very much tongue in cheek the book contains 5 articles never published before and a Louis Van Gaal quiz!

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No. 16 < New entry >

From Balti Pies to the Biggest Prize: The Transformation of Manchester City

A new entry from Steve Mingle, who had last month’s number Number 12 with the prequel Lows, Highs and Balti Pies: Manchester City Ruined My Diet (100 Greats S.). This month’s entry From Balti Pies to the Biggest Prize: The Transformation of Manchester City continues from the 2004 season where the last book ended and now has a happier ending with the team winning 5 trophies in the last 10 years. A highly rated book which is informative, interesting and easy to read.

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No. 17 < New Entry >

Do You Love Your Team? A Quiz Book for Man City Fans

A great way to test the day trippers at a Champions League game! This quiz book contains questions up to the present day and the questions range from easy to tough. Think you know Manchester City? Then you need number 17 on the list of Man City books!

Do You Love Your Team? A Quiz Book for Man City Fans

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