Top 17 Man City Books March 2015

As the season draws to a close thoughts are on the summer holidays! So get your orders in early for your holiday reading. Here are 17 Man City books which are Amazons best sellers for March 2015. Some old favourites are joined by 6 new entrants!

Top 17 Man City books March 2015

The Amazon Best sellers list of Man City Books for March 2015.

March already, the season will soon be over and summer will be here! If like me you spend your summer holidays catching up on City books (whilst checking the internet every 5 minutes to see if City have signed someone) then this list may inspire you. This list is from Amazonand is their best sellers for March 2015.

In March we had the World Book Day. ManCityGifts interviewed 10 Man City experts from blogs and social media to find out which their favourite City book is. Take a look here and see if you agree. 10 MCFC experts reveal their fav MCFC book

No. 1

Official Manchester City FC 2015 Annual (Annuals 2015)

Number 1 of the Man City books chart for a third month running, the City annuals are quite thin with a lot of photos and some little quizzes. A nice present for a Junior Blue.

No. 2

Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up

Moving up 2 places is David Conn’s “Richer than God”. The well respected Guardian journalist, Man City fan and specialist on football finance, writes this account of Manchester City’s journey from his Manchester childhood in the 70’s through to City’s Premier League win in 2012. A mix of personal memories and boardroom insights as Conn delves deeper into the financial side of the business.

No. 3

From Balti Pies to the Biggest Prize: The Transformation of Manchester City

Steve Mingle’s sequel to Lows, Highs and Balti Pies: Manchester City Ruined My Diet continues it’s rise up the charts with a massive jump from 16th place last month. From Balti Pies to the Biggest Prize: The Transformation of Manchester City continues from the 2004 season where the last book ended and now has a happier ending with the team winning 5 trophies in the last 10 years. A highly rated book which is informative, interesting and easy to read.

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No. 4

A Man’s Game: The Origins of Manchester City Football Club

A new entry from Andrew Keenan charters the birth of Mancunian football and the origins of Manchester City. Andrew is a journalist who is a Man City fan (I know watching Sunday Supplement gives the impression that their isn’t any). The book has been given many good reviews highlighting the amount of new material that Andrew has uncovered. The book contains images of original documents and maps to back up Andrew’s claims. An interesting insight into football and the wider social history of Manchester in the late 1800’s.

No. 5

The Manchester City Songbook (Football Songs)

A leather bound songbook featuring new and old Manchester City song. Hasn’t got the new Zaba song in but Niall Quinn’s Disco pants get an airing! Great to bring back memories of the Kippax and special games where we sung the songs.

No. 6

Football With A Smile: Authorised Biog of Joe Mercer, OBE

A new entry for an old favourite! Joe Mercer was arguably City’s greatest ever manager creating the team of the late 60’s formed around Lee, Bell and Summerbee. Gary James cover’s Joe Mercer’s life is great detail in the book covering his playing and managerial career. I’m far too young to have seen the team play, but my Granddad’s tales of Joe Mercer’s team at City made me a blue.

No. 7

Hammered – By Mark Ward

Mark Ward’s time at City wasn’t particularly eventful playing 55 times whilst scoring 14 times. However it’s his time after football which he is becoming more famous for. The title of his book will give you a clue as to what happened:- “Hammered- I Played Football for West Ham, Man City and Everton…Then the Police Came Calling and My Life Fell Apart “

No. 8

The Bumper Bundle of Manchester City Stories: 2008-14

Rising 7 places from last month Howard Hockin’s Bumper Bundle of City stories charts the rise of the team from 2008 to 2014. A collection of articles written by Howard from the point at which Thaskin Sinawartra left the club as we won the footballing lottery. Very much tongue in cheek the book contains 5 articles never published before and a Louis Van Gaal quiz!

No. 9

Manchester City: The Secret History of a Club That Has No History

A new entry for a book that hasn’t even been released yet! Mike Devlin (founder of the award winning charters City’s history from a fun angle including how the inflatable banana saved football and how MCFC nearly started World War III. The book is due to be released mid April and is sure to be very popular!

No. 10

Manchester City On This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year

A day by day history of Manchester City. A great little present for any City fan, David Clayton’s book is an “on this day” diary of the club. The good and the bad are covered from Derby Day victories to embarrassing cup exits.

No. 11

The Worst of Friends: The Betrayal of Joe Mercer

Dropping six places from the February list, Colin Shindler’s book on City’s successful management team of the late 60’s tracks the relationship between Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer. Two completely opposite personalities that came together to form a multi-trophy winning team.

No. 12

Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Manchester City

Up two places this book contains lots of Man City Gifts from the 70’s and 80’s? A great book to look through and remember which items you had, and which you wanted that the rich kid at school had.

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No. 13

Blue Moon Turned Gold: The Rebirth of Manchester City

Down 7 places sports historian Graham Gordon looks at City from a unique angle revealing on which road Pablo Zabaleta played pool and goes to the chippy! He starts with a look at our Blue Moon anthem, discussing our recent history with lots of new and informative pieces including the clash between Mancini and Txiki and Soriano, before giving a behind the scenes look into the players at the club.

No. 14

Pride in Travel: A Title-Winning Season Exploring the World of Manchester City

Back in the top 17 after missing out in February, friend of, Darryl Webster’s Pride in Travel charts his journey as he travels 40,000 miles to visit City supporter’s clubs all over the world. From his home in Toronto, Canada he travels to the watch games in Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Abu Dhabi and many more exotic locations (including Reddish!). The book is an account of these travels as we win the double in the 213/2014 season. You can read my interview with Darryl here.

No. 15

The ups and downs of being a Man City fan

A new entry for this kindle only book by Steve Naylor. The book covers Steve’s following of City from the mid-60’s to 2012 from a tongue in cheek viewpoint. The book has mixed reviews on Amazon but has made this months top 17.

No. 16

Once in a Blue Moon: Life, Love and Manchester City

The tale of a Man City fan (and Manchester itself) from the 70’s to the our League win in 2012. If you grew up in Manchester in the 70’s then this book is for you. Full of nostalgia, Steve Worthington captures many fond memories of Manchester, Man City, watching England and managing a Sunday League team. Steve wrote many great pieces for the City fanzine “Electric Blue” and this is another great piece he’s written.

No. 17

Manchester City Ruined My Life

Colin Shindler’s second book on this month’s list gets a mixed reception from Amazon reviewers with 8 x 5 star ratings and 8 x 1 star ratings with little in between! The common ground is that this book has little to do with City and is more about Shindler’s recent life. (He seems to have left City behind saying that the money has ruined the club!)

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