Top 17 Man City books of January 2015

Take a look at the best selling Manchester City books on Amazon in January 2015. A wide range of books including greats such as Colin Bell and not so greats such as Mark Ward. There are books for all age groups and budgets with a few 5* rated ones!

If you haven’t already broken that new year’s resolution to read more books (Or if you need to get back on the book reading wagon) then here’s a list for you!

The nights are still dark and the there’s a lack of midweek games so now is the perfect time to shop for a Manchester City book and get reading. The best sellers for January are a wide and varied bunch for all ages, covering hero’s (like Colin Bell), not so hero’s (like Mark Ward – remember him?) and fan books (like’s friend Darryl Webster – see our interview with him here).

So have a browse down the list of the top 17 Man City books of January 2015 and treat yourself to a new book.

Top 17 Man City books of January 2015

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No. 1

Official Manchester City FC 2015 Annual (Annuals 2015)

Ok so not going to win any literature awards, but perfect for a young son, daughter or grandchild. The City annuals are quite thin with a lot of photos and some little quizzes. A nice present for a Junior Blue.

No. 2

Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up

David Conn, the well respected Guardian journalist, Man City fan and specialist on football finance, writes this account of Manchester City’s journey from his Manchester childhood in the 70’s through to City’s Premier League win in 2012. A mix of personal memories and boardroom insights as Conn delves deeper into the financial side of the business.

No. 3

The Worst of Friends: The Betrayal of Joe Mercer

They say opposite’s attract, well City’s succes of the late 60’s and early 70’s was down to two men who were from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Colin Shindler’s book highlights this difference between the respected veteran Joe Mercer and the volatile, ambitious coaching genius Malcolm Allison. Backed up by facts, Shindler tracks the Man City journey the two men take until ultimately falling apart.

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No. 4

Manchester City FC # Champions 2014 the Sequel

Champions: The sequel – How good does that sound? And it doesn’t just mean Wembley 99 Play offs and 1st Division champions! The book using facts, figures and behind the scenes photography tracks last season’s double winning campaign. Full of statistics and quotes from those involved including the most important people – the fans of the great club that is Manchester City FC.

No. 5

Colin Bell – Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend

I’m not sure Colin Bell would have liked to have been a player these days. Sure he probably would walk into most teams, however it is the media intrusion that he wouldn’t have liked. Ian Cheeseman’s book brings that shyness through in that it tells a story of a reserved man who had a great natural ability. The book is certainly not a warts and all but gives a good feel of the Greatest Inside Forward the World has ever seen!

No. 6


Mark Ward’s main claim to fame at City was that he had been bought in a swap deal that didn’t please the City fans. Fans favourite Ian Bishop and Trevor Morley left Maine Road to join West Ham as part of Howard Kendall’s short lived term as manager. Ward went 55 times for City before a long career featuring a further 9 clubs. However it is perhaps his post football career that is most interesting as he ends up in prison for 4 years.

No. 7

Blue Moon Turned Gold: The Rebirth of Manchester City

Do you know who Laszlo Kubala is? Do you know why he was important in City’s rise? No? Then this book is for you. Sports Historian Graham Gordon looks at City from a unique angle starting with a look at our Blue Moon anthem, discussing our recent history with lots of new and informative pieces including the clash between Mancini and the Barca Boys, before giving a behind the scenes look into the players at the club.

No. 8

The Manchester City Songbook (Football Songs)

Maybe City should give one of these out to every supporter in a method to improve the atmosphere at the Etihad. Or maybe they should give me a drum! No I wouldn’t like that either. A nice little book detailing some of our well known (and lesser well known) songs from our club’s history. Hasn’t got the new Zaba song in but Niall Quinn’s Disco pants get an airing.

No. 9

Once in a Blue Moon: Life, Love and Manchester City

The tale of a Man City fan (and Manchester itself) from the 70’s to the our League win in 2012. If you grew up in Manchester in the 70’s then this book is for you. Full of nostalgia, Steve Worthington captures many fond memories of Manchester, Man City, watching England and managing a Sunday League team. Steve wrote many great pieces for the City fanzine “Electric Blue” and this is another great piece he’s written.

No. 10

Manchester City Ruined My Life

I’ve not read this book but the reviews it gets are extremely mixed. Over on amazon 8 people gave it 5 out of 5 and 8 people gave it 1 out of 5!

I’ll leave it to you to make your own mind up.

No. 11

Manchester United Versus Manchester City (Great Derby Matches)

Having been written in 1996 this book can’t have a happy ending for City fans. As a teenager in a school full of reds the 90’s were a difficult time to be a Blue. Small comforts were taken as I waved Yorkie bars at Reds after then got beat in the league cup by York were taken. Oh how times change – they can’t buy a win now! A book full of stats, photos and first hand accounts of the great Manchester Derbies.

No. 12

Lows, Highs and Balti Pies: Manchester City Ruined My Diet

I always had a Ginsters steak slice at Maine Road so I feel I missed out on the Balti pies. Starting in 1962 Steve Mingle covers 100 matches ending with the 4 -1 triumph at the City of Manchester stadium (as the Etihad once was). Perhaps a new edition is needed to give it a better end point but it is more a tale of the brutal (but humourous) journey the City fan had to take through the dross of the 80’s and 90’s.

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No. 13

Pride in Travel: A Title-Winning Season Exploring the World of Manchester City

Pride in Travel is a story of a Canadian Darryl Webster’s journey as he travels 40,000 miles to visit City supporter’s clubs all over the world. From his home in Toronto, Canada he travels to the watch games in Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Abu Dhabi and many more exotic locations (including Reddish!). The book is an account of these travels as we win the double in the 213/2014 season. Every review on Amazon is 5*’s. What are you waiting for?

Darryl Webster recently did an interview with – please have a read of it here

No. 14

The Little Book of Man City (Little Book of Football)

A handy pocket sized reality check! If we’ve been knocked out of the cup by a lower league team and you’re feeling down then this is the book for you. Every page is a quote from the great and good of Manchester City – they all get a mention Bernard Manning, Kevin Keegan, Joe Royle (on City being like Dolly Parton’s 3rd triplet). A humourous little gift for the Man City fan in your life.

No. 15

The Bumper Bundle of Manchester City Stories: 2008-14

Well known in social media circles, Howard Hockins Bumper Bundle of City stories charts the rise of the team from 2008 to 2014. A collection of articles written by Howard from the point at which Thaskin Sinawartra left the club as we won the footballing lottery. Very much tongue in cheek the book contains 5 articles never published before and a Louis Van Gaal quiz!

No. 16

The Blues, The: A Concise Post War History of Manchester City

Split into three sections this book, 1) recounts City’s up and down history from 1945 concluding at the end of the 1999 season 2) Covers profiles of 50 of City’s stars of this period and 3) gives a statistical analysis of every Manchester City player’s football league appearances in this period.

No. 17

These Charming Men: Manchester City 2013/14 Season Review

The second of Howard Hockin’s books to appear in the top 17 January 2015 Manchester City books. This review of the double winning 2013/2014 season is a collection of his articles from the season. It includes an A-Z of City heroes, an A-Z of City villains (must be a long article) and a question and answer session with some of the journo’s who covered Manchester City in the post Mancini season.

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