Manchester Derby Flyby – Who are Private White VC?

Did you see the plane over Old Trafford during the Derby? PrivateWhiteVC MCR Made Clothing said the banner. But who is Private White VC and what do they make? I've done some digging and there is a fascinating history behind the company. Here I reveal all about the last coat manufacturer in Manchester.

Manchester Derby Flyby – Who are Private White VC?

One of the more interesting things from the Manchester Derby (there weren’t many!) was the second half flyby over Old Trafford, but who are Private White VC?

Old Trafford has had it’s fair share of flyby’s with “Moyes – The Chosen One”, “Moyes out” and who can forget Rosler’s Grandad’s Flyby? Ok the last one might not be historically true!

The most recent flyby saw a plane with the banner – PRIVATEWHITEVC.COM MCR MADE CLOTHING


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So who is Private White VC and what do they make?

I’ve done a bit of digging and found the following; is the last remaining coat manufacturer in Manchester, a city that once boasted over 200 tailoring workshops employing 70,000 people.

The company has a long history with the great grandchildren of  Private Jack White VC buying the company in the late 90’s and renaming it after their great Granddad.

At the age of 21 Private Jack White was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1917 for acts of bravery rescuing comrades in WW1. After the war Jack came to Manchester and began a career in fashion which saw he rise from apprentice to General Manager and ultimately Factory Owner.

It is this same factory that now make their handcrafted garments (have a look at the video below for a tour of the factory).

Handcrafted Garments – Made in Manchester

Where possible the cloths for PrivateWhiteVC’s clothes are weaved using local mills and only the very finest yarns, trims, materials and techniques are used. In fact one of the company’s sayings is that their products goes from Sheep to Shop!

The clothing range takes inspiration from the military of both the UK and American armed forces as well as the creative designer’s passion for motorsports. The creative designer is Nick Ashley, son of renowned fashion and interior designer Laura Ashley. Nick who has spent a lifetime in the fashion industry has a passion for motorcycles and car racing, which can be seen in his designs for


The Private White V.C. Northerner Winter Coat – a proper Manc coat!

I took a look at the range online and was impressed, with a wide range of coats, bomber jackets and accessories (they also do some women’s wear).

The only downside is that as you would expect from a handcrafted luxury brand the prices are higher than I would usually pay. However if you’re not a tight arse wearing a 17 year old ginger wig you want to visit their online shop or if you’re in Manchester for any time they have a shop at the factory, where you can also have a tour of the factory (I’ll be taking them up on the offer soon! – look out for a followup post).

One of the main things I like about the PrivateWhiteVC brand is that they are not happy to be just Made in England but are proud to be Made in Manchester.

G15937_OLIVE_C (1)

You can find out more about Private Jack White and the company at

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