Who’s the best City player ever? Top Trumps secrets revealed!

Have you ever argued who the best City player ever was? What about all these teams of the century, or teams of manchester that newspapers and radio stations highlight to encourage audience participation? Well no more do we have to worry about these things lets let the stats decide.

Or at least the Manchester City Top Trumps card game!

I got the cards last year and have played them numerous times since then. Top Trumps bring back a nostalgic time for me. I had a number of sets including passenger aircraft, military aircraft and military vehicles. All in the mid 80’s/ early 90’s when each one would have a couple of Russian giants who would beat all comers in terms of size.

The Man City version is no different, there are a few players who smash the opposition. 

There are 30 cards in total with 22 players from the current era and 8 legends. The players range from Bert Trautmann to Greg Cunningham. But who is the best?

Each player has 5 stats, Height (cm), League Appearances, League Goals, International Caps and Year of Birth (youngest wins).

Height (cm) – A height of 190cm or more will beat most people although to claim top spot you have to have the man who’s disco pants are the best : Niall Quinn. The Sunderland chairman is head and shoulders above the rest at 193cm. Watch out if a newer edition has Costel Pantilimon in. The Romanian goalkeeper is 203cm tall!

League appearances – A number of players in my pack were recent signings and have no appearances, however a score over 200 will beat most players. The winner with the most appearances in the league is the legendary Bert Trautmann. The German goalkeeper has a remarkable 508 league appearences for the club, his nearest rival is Colin Bell at 397!

League Goals – This is definately one where ‘King’ Colin beats Bert Trautmann, with Bell’s 117 league goals beating Bert’s 0 goals. Still Bell’s 117 goals beats everyone else as well. A score over Shaun Goater’s 84 league goals is a good one.

International Caps – The first category to be won by a player not classed as a legend (in this game anyway). The caps do not have to have been won whilst a City player, and that is why it is Patrick Vieira who beats allcomers with 107 caps.

Year of birth – a category for the youth team players here with Greg Cunningham being born in 1991, just edging Dedryck Boyata by a year.

Best players to have

So who is the best player? Well lets start a countdown from 3.

3) Colin Bell – the legend scores well for appearances, goals and caps (not so great on birth year!)

2) Vincent Kompany – Mr. Consistent may well over take Bell’s appearances in the future but still a long way to go. Whilst statistically he’s the number 2 I think he’s average across them all with height and age being good scores may be beaten quite a few times in Top Trumps though!

1) The best Manchester City player ever – Niall Quinn: scores well in goals (4th best), height (1st spot) , appearances (6th) and caps (2nd). I’ve had many a long winning streak with Niall Quinn, the best Man City player – Top Trumps have decided!

Top Trumps Manchester City edition is available from Amazon